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What Makes The ThriftyVac Food Vacuum Packing System So Great - GetSousVide

What Makes The ThriftyVac Food Vacuum Packing System So Great

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The ThriftyVac Food Vacuum Packing System

What makes sous vide so great? I like to think that it is partially the versatility in it. You can cook whatever and there is little cost to entry. Today I am going over the ThriftyVac Food packaging system, a sous vide bagging option that works great and won't break the bank!

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Sous vide is an easy way to make great foods but we do require one step in doing so, removing the air and or making a vacuum. This can be easily achieved with the water displacement method and a ZipLock bag, but you are not guaranteed the best results. The ThriftyVac system is a newer alternative and acts as a cross between Ziplock Bags, and a vacuum packing system. The way it works is simple.

How to use the ThriftyVac Food Vacuum Packing System

Step 1.) Place the food into a bag, and the bag into the housing.
Step 2.) Place the vacuum pump onto the housing and pump out the air manually.
step 3.) Cook.

Its amazing to me that it can be this easy.  All-be-it, you are required to put in a little effort with a hand pump.  Never the less it seems to work great!  Plus, when the cook is over you can re-use the bags.

Why ThriftyVac over a Vacuum Packing Machine?

Personal preference is what I often boil this type of product down too.  I find that it is easier for me to use my Foodsaver vacuum machine with a roll of customizable (length) sous vide bags.   Its no doubt that this format will create the best suction of air possible, even over the ThriftyVac alternative.  Plus, I can easily fit the majority of meats that I generally cook into the bags, simply by making the length whatever I need it to be at the time.

But for cost-based reasons alone, the ThriftyVac Food Packer is going to be an effective way to secure your meats in a vacuum-packaged bag with little hassle.  It is of course safe to use with food; and you even have the ability to use other bags besides the 10 free provided bags.    Plus, its a small package that requires little storage room, and only needs a few pieces to be used, meaning its easy to setup.  Compared to a food saver, where you will spend more to have a bulkier setup, that weighs an additional few pounds, but also requires electricity and more room for storage when it is not in use.

If you find yourself often resorting to ziplock bags that is fine too.  But perhaps you also notice your food tends to float.  Most likely you’re not removing all of the air from the system via the water displacement method.  This alternative does just that for you, manually.  Using the outer bag, you create a vacuum and remove air from within any bag placed inside of the housing.  If you so happen to still be on the boarder of if you should upgrade to a vacuum packaging system over your ZipLock bag setup such as this one.  Let me tell you I fully recommend this product to fill that gap.  This should be the first step you take in improving your sous vide game over ZipLock bags.  Besides moving directly to a Foodsaver or something similar.  ThriftyVac will allow you to remain using your ZipLocks, but getting a much better surface contact area of water to the food in the bag once the air has been removed.  Be sure to use their provided BPA-free bags, or source your own food-safe bags to use with this setup.

Additional ThriftyVac Attachments:

For those of you who may still not know whether this is the system for you.  I want to point out that for an additional cost, you can purchase these ThriftyVac Vacuum Lids.  They come in Regular and in Wide Mouth sizes for your mason jars.  These allow you to better seal whatever you have in mason jars, by placing the pump on top of them and removing the air inside.  Adding the ability to better keep food in storage at home.

In Conclusion:

The ThriftyVac Food Packing System is a the next best alternative to using the water displacement method.  As it suctions the air out of the bag you are using.  It is not my go-to option however.  Personally I prefer to use an electric food saver, and I strongly suggest you do too.  For those of you who have a food saver machine or something simiar, I suggest saving the $20.00 and not making this purchase.  As you’re already able to get better results.  That being said, both do their job.  If you happen to find that your food still floats, there are a few things you can try.  One being sous vide magnets, the other being sous vide clips.  Happy cooking!

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