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SIOchef Silicone Sous Vide Bags Review | Sous Vide Without a Vacuum Sealer - GetSousVide

SIOchef Silicone Sous Vide Bags Review | Sous Vide Without a Vacuum Sealer

SIOchef Premium Silicone Sous Vide Bags - Reusable, 128oz, 1 Gallon, 13 x 9 inches (2-Pack) (Large)

$21.99  in stock
as of April 19, 2021 5:44 am


  • SIOchef: The first silicone bag exclusively for sous vide. Reusable and non-leaching means SioChef is better for the planet, better for you.
  • SAFE: Made from 100% FDA-approved food-grade silicone. SIOchef is BPA, DEHP, and petroleum free. Also free of chemicals and dyes.
  • REUSABLE: Designed for hundreds of uses and washes. The round bottom design eliminates those tough-to-clean corners and makes washing easy and effective.
  • EASY-TO-USE: The extra-large capacity is intended specifically for Sous Vide. The 256 oz bag perfect for roasts, pork shoulder, multiple chicken breasts or steaks. The 128 oz bag perfect for steaks, chicken, fish.
  • SUPERIOR COOKING: 30% thinner vs other silicone bags for better heat exchange and extra-long design allows for superior air displacement (no vacuum sealer needed).
SIOchef Silicone Sous Vide Bags - An alternative to vacuum sealing
4.4 Total Score
Review of the SIOchef Silicone Sous Vide Bags

If you are cooking Sous Vide but do not own a vacuum sealer then you are probably using and throwing out a multitude of zip-lock baggies. Even with the option to vacuum seal your food, well you still throw out plastic bags often. If this is a problem you wish to help combat, then the SIOchef bags may be a great option to try out. The waste is obviously not great for the environment. To mitigate the waste of cooking sous vide you may want to explore other options and this is just what I did. Today I am reviewing these silicone "ziplock" bags sold by SEOchef on Amazon.

On the bright side this little tool to cooking sous vide food is quite the money saver compared to one-time use bags. Not to mention it helps save the turtles. The design is quite simple, and these reusable bags are sold in a few size options. The extra large (2 gallons), large (1 gallon), and the mixed pack (1 extra large & 1 large bag). They are constructed via an FDA-approved silicone food grade plastic which is nice. However, I did notice a fairly strong silicone scent coming from within. The bags are marketed on Amazon as being thinner than the competition, and while I believe this to be true... I am also hearing from the reviews on Amazon that they can sometimes rip. Especially if you choose to clean them in the dishwasher. Mine however have not, but then again, I flip them inside out and wash them by hand. The design of the bag consists of a non-sealing top. A feature I really wish was changed in the design stages of the product. Instead, it houses a reinforced hole to string the included silicone zip-tie through. The bags drop down and have a rounded bottom. Which I do admire as this I feel keeps the food looking more natural after it has been cooked. Unlike ziplock bags where sometimes the food can conform to the sharp corners of the bag.

I had been in contact with the creator for some time, and his suggestion was to use a binder clip to secure the bag to my water bath. A helpful suggestion yes, however, I found the bag liked to float up in my water bath. To combat this I weighted it down with a heavy metal spoon. A bit of an inconvenience, but it workes as intended overall. If you, like myself and many others would like to help with waste in the kitchen, I suggest giving this product a try. Or potentially trying another form of reusable bag. However, I do think that after a few cooks using this product you may decide its more of a trouble to use than your normal vacuum packaging technique. In addition, it is basically impossible to marinate the meats heavily in these bags. And in my opinion not being able to remove the air is somewhat defeating the purpose of sous vide cookery. For the price, I suggest you pass on giving this accessory a go. And instead, invest in purchasing a vacuum packing machine. However, maybe you will find it works better for your needs. In that case, give it a shot!

  • Reusable, less plastic waste
  • Non-toxic/non-leaching silicone
  • FDA Approved Food grade silicone
  • Round Bottom Bags
  • Easy to use
  • Thinner than other silicone bags on the market
  • Non-Sealable
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Potential to float during a cook
  • Smells like silicone
  • Easy potential to break
User Rating: 1.67 (3 votes)

Want a breakdown of how we scored our review? Keep reading below.

When you cook Sous Vide, technically speaking we are cooking under vacuum. Doing so provides maximum contact area for the heated water to surround the food being cooked and in turn does the most even cooking. In using the sealed vacuum bags or ziplock bags, they become the physical barrier of the water to the food.  In the case of SEOchef bags, the silicone becomes the barrier.  On the off-chance, I do opt to use the water displacement technique instead of using a vacuum sealed bag.  These silicone bags are one option I will go for over a classic ziplock bag for sure.

To read more about how to use the water displacement method, click here.  My only gripe then comes with their fault in being able to float.  The fact that they cant be closed temporarily, and that these SEOchef silicone bags are easily broken when washing.

Thank you for reading my in-depth review of the SEOchef Silicone reusable sous vide vacuum bag replacements.  Let me know in the comments below if you liked my review, and what I should write about next!  Have something you want to see reviewed, shoot me an email at Contact@getsousvide.com.  Thanks for your time, have fun cooking!

Our Review Breakdown

Overall Review Score: 4.4

The SEOchef reusable silicone sous vide bags scored a low 4.4/10 in my review for a few reasons.  They are broken down to the following categories:  Affordability, Durability, Practicality, Features, and Ease-Of-Use.  Below, you will find a further dive into each category to better understand how I graded this product.  I hope this will better influence your decision to make a purchase, or not too.

Affordability: 6

For around $20.00 USD you can purchase two of these reusable silicone sous vide bags.  For an affordability score, I rated it a 6/10.  The reason being is that I feel the prices are a bit high for only receiving 2 bags.  This is especially important to me when we look at what the product consists of.  Which is not much in the features department.  In addition, with the reviews consisting of frequent breakage of the product.  I can only imagine that if you use these often you will need to make multiple purchases.  It is not the end of the world to me when a product costs more, most of the time.  I, however, like to know comfortably that my money is in the right place.  Personally, for this price point, I feel there may be some better options out there to explore in the future.

Durability: 4

I can’t totally speak for myself on the durability of these silicone bags being a problem.  After all, I have yet to break one on my own.  However, with the current number of Amazon reviews all considering it a real possibility, I must give it a rating of 4/10.  The simple fact is that these bags probably should not be placed in the dishwasher, and very easily could be a user fault for doing so.  However with the design of being the thinest on the market, maybe that is more of a flaw than something to flaunt.  Time will tell as more people give this product a test run.

Practicality: 4.5

So for practicality, I gave the SEOchef bags a 4.5/10.  My reasoning behind this is that my first option for a food barrier will still be to vacuum seal my bags.  The fact that these tend to float makes it cumbersome when you have more than one item cooking.  It also can delay or destroy a cook if the bag floats too much and water gets inside.  Apart from these flaws, any bag that cannot remove the air, including any bag that you displace the air in, will have some degree of oxygen still inside the bag.  Perhaps this is a flaw to the technique, but I feel its also a flaw to the product.

Update - 2019.06.15Since writing my review.  The only times I find myself using these bags if for basic sous vide recipes that use little ingredients and some aromatics.  I find they can be a quicker option for when I don’t want to get my vacuum machine set up.

Features: 3

Features for the SEOchef bags are what graded the lowest.  There are not much to be done with them other than being used as bags.  For instance, vacuum sealing apart from sous vide can be used as a way to instantly marinate meats or vegetables.  With these silicone bags, they are not sealable, there is no form of ziplock tab on the tops.  Instead, they come pre-cut with a small hole to insert a silicone formed zip tie into and “close-off” the bag.  However it is not truly closed, instead, it only pinches the top shut.  I find that it would be nice too if by design there were a way to clip it onto my water bath instead of using a non-supplied binder clip or some other office supply.  Tape?  Overall, the features provided by these bags are not there.  They are simply silicone bags, that when immersed in water provide the safe food grade barriers to cook your meats in.

Ease-Of-Use: 4.5

Lastly, the Ease-of-Use is there and I’ll grant the product that.  Simply put the food in the bag and begin cooking.  However, I graded this section at 4.5/10 because the product is flawed in my opinion.  If I were to increase this rating, in my opinion, the bags would need to come equipt with a form of ziplock top to fully “seal” the bags.  They could also have some built-in weights or just the ability to not float would be nice.  Lastly, even though they are simple to use, they are just not ideal over a more traditional ziplock bag or a vacuum bag for that matter.

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