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Sous Vide Dry Rub Louisiana Spare RibsBy Andrew WizzoRibs are an amazing American Past time! Most people love them, but smoking foods at home can be hard. Especially if you don't have a smoker. This recipe is for those few people who just cant smoke their own meats at home!
Sous Vide Honey Roasted Pork ChopBy Andrew WizzoA pork chop is a great way to serve dinner! Bringing extra flavor is the best way to impress those eating dinner! This recipe is simple to make, and delicious when eaten.
Simple Sous Vide BurgerBy Andrew WizzoSummer is approaching and who doesnt love a cookout. With sous vide, burgers can be made ahead of time and be ready at any moment the time is right! Plus they are easy to make and great to eat!
Grilled Chicken and HerbsBy Andrew WizzoHerbs are a great way to add flavor to any dish. This recipe is designed to be completed quickly with delicious results that can be used in many dishes. We suggest serving this on your next salad!
Basic – Sous Vide Pork TenderloinBy Andrew WizzoDinner parties are a great way to show off some of the more complicated sounding foods to cook. Pork loin is one way to serve a great lie to your friends that you have spent hours over the oven. When in fact, you spent hours enjoying your time while you cook delicious food!
Simple – NY Strip SteakBy Andrew WizzoSteak is our favorite thing to eat, and its so easy to make! This recipe is going to provide you with one of the absolute best steaks you can cook at home guaranteed. Enjoy!
Sous Vide Filet MignonBy Andrew WizzoNothing beats the simple things in life. Like a dam good steak! This recipe is going to give you an absolutely great steak with the perfect sear, lots of flavors, and a happy face!
Sous Vide Chicken MarsalaBy Andrew WizzoWhy did the chicken breast and mushrooms cross the road? To make Chicken Marsala of course! An Italian-American classic sure to please your next dinner guests!