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DUALLO - Is This The best Sous Vide Water Container for 2019? - GetSousVide

DUALLO – Is This The best Sous Vide Water Container for 2019?

Is DUALLO The Best Sous Vide Water container on the market for 2019

Should You Buy It?

This product is something you should buy! We suggest you pick this product up pre-release via Kickstarter at the discounted price. Read below to find out why!

Please note, this product is currently not in production, as it is awaiting funding under its kickstarter project.  Never the less, my review below is written based on how I feel the product will opperate, how and if I will use it, and more.

There are two important parts when cooking using a sous vide setup.  The first being a Circulator, the second being a water bath.  Today I am reviewing the new DUALLO water bath system. Sousvideliving.org describes this bath as an amazing alternative to other baths.  We will be putting this to the test by looking at the physical properties and much more, then comparing it to the price range of the market for other water baths.


Right out of the gate, I do have to say I really like the design of this new container, I will be getting one when they start shipping and im eager to really get to know the product with a more hands on perspective.  Now it is not available for immediate purchase, there is however a Kickstarter available for you to fund for pre-retail prices if you would like to do so.  Currently, the product is funded 1/3 of the way with just over $11,000 of funding, over 33 backers.  With a pre-market price of $99.  Expect that once the Kickstarter has reached its goal to be able to pick one up for $109.  Quite steep in my opinion for a water bath in comparison to what you may use from cambro or perhaps your beer cooler.  However, it has a few beneficial properties other water bath containers don’t have.


The Duallo seems to be very a straight forward tool.  To begin using it, simply fill it up and place your preferred circulator in the corner.  Then place the lid on Duallo and begin heating your water.  Just like any other sous vide food cooks, add your food and begin cooking!  It really cant get easier.  However, this goes to say the same for any water bath specific item.  What makes this special however are the features described below.

Design/ Features:

What makes this container more unique than some of the others on the market is the lid and the double-wall insulation it provides.

The fins added to the lid help to disturb the surface of the water, this disruption should effectively decrease the ability for water to evaporate.  Less evaporation means that your circulator uses less energy to stay hot, and therefore a lower energy cost will follow suit.  It should also be noted that this can be achieved with other methods, although I personally don’t like using them.  For instance, ping pong balls floating on the surface are a big alternative to choose from.  I personally don’t like the way it looks, I prefer to see my food just a bit more than the balls can provide.  You could also wrap the lid of your container with plastic wrap, however, this looks a bit “janky” or ugly.  But it works.

All-be-it these two characteristics are beneficial to cooking food with a circulator, there is one feature I wish was included.  Small feet to lift the bath above the surface it is sitting on.  Thermally, water will heat up the first wall and then begin to heat up the air around it.  Eventually, the heat will extend out to the second wall, the external wall.  From there is must dissipate. This was actually pointed out to me by Reddit users /u/BostonBestEats.


The price tag for this water bath is currently $99, but I’m referring to the pre-market Kickstarter price.  If you are reading this in the future, you can expect to pick this up for about $109.  In my opinion, this is quite steep of a price compared to what else is out there.  But the majority of other baths also dont have some of the selling points this one does.  The lid, usually they are a seperate product to the container.  They also dont hold the fins generally.  As for the comparison to other double walled – insulated baths.  It is cheaper than the Anova bath, but more expensive than the “So-Vida” water bath available now on Amazon.


Practicality is something I often like to cover in a review, as I haven’t gotten my hands on the product yet I can not say for certain how practical this water bath really can be.  But…  Based on the Kickstarter information, my understanding is that the Duallo was build to do a good job at containing hot water.  Its food safe, the lid is constructed to allow water condensation and reduce overall evaporation.  In addition, it’s not too big to store and have available for cooking, plus it holds 15-qts, or just about 4 gallons of water.  It is a versatile tool to add to your collection of sous vide gear in my opinion.

/u/BostonBestEats said-

“Insulation slows the rate of heat transfer, but it doesn’t stop it. Eventually, the exterior base of the container will reach the temperature of the bath unless the rate of heat leaving the base (via the countertop, or other parts of the container) exceeds the rate at which heat enters the base.”

Thanks for reading my review of the Duallo Sous Vide Water Bath.  Please look foreward to a more hands on review of the product, assuming the kickstarted becomes funded.  If you would like, leave a comment below telling me if you would use this water bath over others and why!  As always everyone, keep cooking!

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