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About GetSousVide.com

This is our story-

In May of 2018 I graduated Culinary school at Joliet Junior College with degrees in Culinary Management and Culinary Arts.  It was at school I first learned of Sous Vide, and then at work where I later used the cooking technique and built from it.  Oddly enough, this commercial technique was growing in popularity & for the home cook too.  After the initial conception, then being produced for the masses, I got my hands on my first at home sous vide model.  I’ve been using it ever since and wish to bring my knowledge to the internet!

About a year later, I took my passion for food a step back.  I explored how I got to where I was in life.

I understood where I would like to see my career go in culinary.  And with the help of someone I consider as a mentor, we designed a 5 & 10-year plan for my future.  Considering family and friend life experiences, I came to the conclusion that perhaps making my living by teaching and sharing food with others would be what makes me the happiest.  This idea eventually became a pet project of mine, across a few different domains.  But finally, conceptualized, it is now a real thing.  By carrying my passion for food online I believe I may be able to reach those who are interested.  Sharing what I love to do in commercial kitchens, but made do-able for the home kitchen.  This later became the driving force of www.GetSousVide.com.

This website of mine is within its beginning stages of life, and most likely will be for a few years too come.  Founded ‘October 15th, 2018’ I have set up goals and outlooks for the new years to come as to how I may incorporate improvement.  Not only in the knowledge shared here, but in the methods of delivery!  With many exciting things to come, I hope you will enjoy some of this journey with me!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for browsing my website.  I hope that you’ve taken something great from it.  Now whether that be a new understanding or a change in perspective, I am confident you will create something great!  I am always looking to improve, because quite frankly… Everyone starts somewhere…

This is where I have started, and therefore if you have suggestions to make, comments to share, or questions to ask, please always do so.  I love the dialog and community behind food and will do my best to help you out where I best can.

Thank you all again for supporting me here.  Thank you to my friends, my family, and a few very special co-workers who inspire me every day!  The tenacious support you have for me is a tremendous push forward.  I hope that together we can all make this dream come true.

Update - 2018.10.18

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We love to hear from our readers!  If at any time you want to get into contact with us for any reason you may do so!  This goes to say, even if you just want a friend to talk with!  contact@GetSousVide.com

Meet the Author

Hey, I'm Andrew Wisnionski. I created GetSousVide.com as a passion project and I want everyone to be able to use it as a learning resource! Please enjoy what I have to offer!

What people think of us!

After failing to contact the entire population of planet earth, we resorted to a more concise genre of people for testimonials. People who like food!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How can I request recipes for GetSousVide.com?

This is very easy to do, please write me an email to contact@getsousvide.com including what you would like to request a recipe for.  If it’s tasty maybe it will get shared!

I sell Sous Vide & food related products. How can I get my items featured on 'GSV'

Great to hear!  We love learning of new products and if they end up being worth our time then we would love to share them with the rest of the community.  Please contact us at contact@GetSousVide.com with your Product & contact information.

How do you get companies to offer discounts specifically for us?

Normally I just ask.  A simple email explaining who I am, what I do, and how I do it goes a long way.  From there I build a relationship and if we can both benefit, well, normally large companies are ecstatic to help out the people buying their products!

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